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Experienced, Innovative, Flexible, Pragmatic, Broadminded and Dynamic


Hi.  Nice to meet you.

Well what is there to say?  I'm 45 years old, and I've been in the KBB industry since my mid-20's.  I've seen the boom years, the credit crunch, the recovery, and more recently Brexit and Covid.  In those times I've worked for several small and medium-sized businesses, designing, selling, overseeing and managing the delivery of thousands of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom projects.

I've seen it done, from the inside, in so many different ways; all of which 'work' in their own way; and I know that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach.

Each business in this industry is unique.  Each business is special.  Each business has its weaknesses, but it has bigger strengths!

I've found that the key to business improvement is to find, cherish and preserve what it's great at; then look to address the areas around that which are holding it back. 

I'm here to listen to you.  You know how you want your business to improve.  We can work together to make it run more smoothly, more profitably, or in any way you'd like it to be.  We can work together to make it run with less stress, less time-consumingly, and reducing anything else you don't enjoy!

Drop me a line.  Let's have a chat.

07422 501383




  • Born in Cardiff and brought up in Pembrokeshire

  • Can speak passable French and Japanese

  • Married with two kids

  • Lives in Whitley Bay

  • Supports Nottingham Forest FC

  • Likes running and the outdoors

  • Strange fact: Has written four Best Man's speeches, but delivered none!


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