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Delivering all the help you need for your Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms business to succeed 

Bespoke support in the areas of HR, Sales, Training, Marketing, Health & Safety, Dispute Resolution, Operations, New Projects and Strategy.

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I'm Toby Griffin

Holding senior positions at independent KBB businesses from big regionals, to boutique start ups; high-end studios to builders' merchants, you learn a thing or two about the different ways that a successful business can work behind the scenes in our industry.

I can help you make your business run more smoothly and more profitably, with support in areas such as Training, Sales & Marketing, HR, Health & Safety, Disputes, Operations, New Projects and Strategy.

Business Consulting Expert with

20 Years of Experience with KBB companies  [read more]

What shall we look at first?

What People Say

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our meeting yesterday concerning business planning, and how valuable your advice was.

Dave Jarvis 

Managing Director - Albion Bathrooms Kitchens Electricals Ltd

Types of Support


Perfect to get that thing done, which needs to be done!


Writing and implementing a dynamic marketing strategy

Reviewing suppliers and terms

Conducting and presenting a study on an aspect of the KBB industry 

Writing and delivering a bespoke training package

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No contract, no commitment, just regular help to improve over time.

£500/month - 1 full day of support
£950/month - 2 full days of support

£1350/month - 3 full days of support
All packages include unlimited phone and email support

Support will be a combination of on-site and remote, depending on the needs of the business

Contact Me  |  Tel: +44 7422 501383

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